Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Hallett Concrete has long been at the leading edge of sustainability in our field and we are always trying to further our innovation and utilise as many recycled and bi-products as possible. From our use of by-products including fly-ash and quarry sand, our runoff water catchment process and our recycling business we cover a wide range of recycling and sustainability methods which cannot be matched by anyone else in South Australia.

Recently our commitment to sustainability excellence was reinforced with the procurement and investment into a concrete reclaimer. Despite improvements in planning, batching and logistics, there remain regular instances where customers requested pre-mixed concrete which exceed their actual requirement. We estimate that our tucks return some 3000 cubic metres of excess premixed concrete to our depots on an annual basis not including the volume of concrete product that is generated from the washing out of the agitator barrels.

This reclamation process means we can reduce the demand for virgin quarry material and reticulated fresh water and the increase the local markets for the green star products currently constrained by the lack of opportunity to create the product through the reclamation process.